Questions and Answers Session

BSides Sydney 2019
Expert Panel

Audience Engagement

Our Expert Panel will take questions from the audience on Cyber Security and current industry trends. The panel comprises of industry leaders from all walks of InfoSec community and have a combined experience that streches many decades in time and covers many different parts of the globe.

How does it work?

Audience members can ask questions by raising hand and one of our volunteers will bring over a mic for them to ask their question. All panel members will then answer the question from their point of view. There will be some great prizes for outstanding questions!

Panel: Jeff Banner | Mike Cohen | Adi Ashkenazy | Sergei Shevchenko


Hunt Forward

Jeff Banner

Capt Jeffery Banner is the Chief of Weapons, Tactics, and Training for three National Cyber Protection Teams within USCYBERCOMMAND. As Chief, he leads teams that hunt for advanced persistent threats that are operating in networks in the United States and all over the world. Last fall he led a combined operation in Eastern Europe, working with several countries to provide cyber defense for partner nations. He is a graduate of the Air Force Weapons School, and has over 6 years of experience hunting cyber adversaries. He has been at the forefront of several new initiatives within USCYBERCOMMAND that changes the way that the military and government entities share information with the commercial and private sectors.

Velociraptor - Digging Deeper!

Mike Cohen

Michael Cohen is a Digital Forensic Researcher and Software Engineer. He has worked on such open source DFIR projects as Rekall and GRR. He founded Velocidex, specialising in development and implementation of opensource DFIR tools. He is the Principal Developer of Velociraptor. Velociraptor is a new open source surgical DFIR tool providing an unprecedented visibility into the state of the endpoint. Velociraptor is controlled completely via the Velociraptor Query Language (VQL) - an SQL like dialect. Using this language it is possible for users to customize and automate detection and response. This talk will demonstrate how Velociraptor can be used in a distributed DFIR investigation - both to efficiently triage and rapidly analyze forensic evidence.

Never before had Stierlitz been so close to failure

Sergei Shevchenko

Sergei Shevchenko has more than 18 years of professional experience reverse engineering malware and is a recognized expert in his field. His analysis of high-profile malware attacks, including previous years' Bangladesh Bank heist, attacks on Polish and other banks, recent cyber espionage within managed service providers and ransomware attacks affecting thousands of vital service organizations globally, is the go-to information source for risk and technology officers and their teams around the world. Sergei manages a global team of cyber-threat researchers at SophosLabs.

Adversarial Machine Learning - The Cylance Case Study

Adi Ashkenazy

Adi is currently the CEO of Skylight Cyber, a boutique cyber security advisory based in Sydney. Previously, he served as the deputy director of an elite cyber technology department in the Israeli government, leading Israel’s finest engineers and security professionals through some of the world’s most complex cyber security challenges. In addition, he served as VP Product for XM Cyber, where he designed the world’s first fully automated red team solution, an achievement for which the company received the world economic forum technology pioneer award and numerous patents.



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