About the Speaker

Adi Ashkenazy

Adi is currently the CEO of Skylight Cyber, a boutique cyber security advisory based in Sydney.

Previously, he served as the deputy director of an elite cyber technology department in the Israeli government, leading Israel’s finest engineers and security professionals through some of the world’s most complex cyber security challenges. In addition, he served as VP Product for XM Cyber, where he designed the world’s first fully automated red team solution, an achievement for which the company received the world economic forum technology pioneer award and numerous patents.

Adi's Talk

AI applications in security are clear and potentially useful, however they are not without flaws, and present a new and unique attack surface.
Namely, if one could truly understand how a certain model works, and the type of features it uses to reach a decision, then there is a potential to deceive it consistently, creating a bypass while maintaining a false sense of security.
In this talk, we will walk through our research in which we have reversed engineered Cylance's AI based EPP to create a unique and amusing bypass.


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